About Zablon Trading Company

Zablon Trading Company is one of the youngest Ethiopian oilseeds & pulses exporters. It is licensed under the name “ZABLON TRADING PLC” as a private limited company and owned by two shareholders, Mr. Biniam Bedewi & Mrs. Hamlet Beljun. They are highly dedicated shareholders who have directly related experience on export & import business.

The promoter & owner Mr. Biniam Bedewi, has been engaged for long time on wholesale trade of pulses, oilseeds & spices. As we can conclude from the date of
establishment he has ample skill in supplying commodities that fit for human consumption & sound, fair, marketable quality & concurrently good managerial capability. These important variables have their own focal role to this development.

The other important point that should be raised is, he is very young and energetic to credit business contact and integrity among the trading partner.

Capacity building internal & acquainting him with the technology is vigorously pursued activity & which is other winning weapon of current information based market.