Forest Coffee Plantation

Zablon coffee has an profundity to the Ethiopian coffee Beans that intensify beyond the commodity that’s our National pride and natural Endowment. We gratefully share this sentiment and nature along the edge of your desired green coffee beans. Arabica coffee is native to the region, occurring naturally in the remnant moist natural
forests. We retain much of its original vegetation. So that the areas are gently undulating terrain with elevations between 1,600m to 2,200m. The site is situated in the
western part of Ethiopia in which natural forest is modified with slashing weeds, bushes for shade regulation of the coffee trees. The area is prominently known as
Jimma coffee. We devised and started huge investments in ways to obtain the first harvest within five years.

Semi-Forest Plantations

We regularly work with contracted farmers and small holder coffee producers in Ethiopia. We train and educate the better way of doing for better productivity and prefinance at an early stage of coffee trees for better farm management and use to take care of natural resources. We introduced an effective layered system that focuses on sound, consistent monitoring, and adherence to rigorous international quality standards. The majority of our beans are collected this way from systematically selected from the same pool that possesses common characteristics and same varieties.

Processing Industries

We have extensive operation in all regions of Ethiopia. Our industry sites are designed with parameters of international certification requirements. We are establishing a number of wet and dry processing industries with huge capacity and better technology in which they are carefully selected based on the best of their origin and aiming to host wider options of our clients preference.

Export Coffee Packaging Plants

Zablon Coffee has built two cleaning and color sorting plants for processing and packaging agricultural products at Adama – an hour driving from the capital city, Addis Ababa and 15 minutes drive to the dry port of Ethiopia located at Mojo. The Plants comprises well conditioned warehouse for both raw and finished products separately and the coffee hubs and well paved compound and well furnished G+2 office spaces. The plant is reserved only to serve the needs of Zablon Coffee clienteles. We devised an expansion of another plant settling at the capital city that can be operational in a few years.

Cuppining Hubs

We evinced the cupping facility at Addis Ababa along with head offices and Adama along with the packaging plant that comprises all the required units for amplified host of our clients for assisting to make better purchase decisions and for empowering our capability of enhancing and ensuring the quality sustainability.

Logistics Fleet

Zablon Coffee has contributed and purchased quantities of current trucks for the accommodation of shipping those farming items. We have a more extensive arrangement buying more trucks shipping the merchandise on time conveyance bases.