About Our Company

Zablon Trading Plc is one of the top three significant exporters of agricultural products operating in Ethiopia since 2009. Due to our exceptional dedication to the business, we are able to handle a large number of shipments per annum that are averagely figured to the volume of 1000 containers and value of 25 million Dollar Subsequently, trailed by various acknowledgment and grants. Our business has been praised for its success of bulk shipments with best services and on-time delivery. Our prominent clients are located mainly in USA, Europe and Asia.

In the light of agricultural commodities access, we are capitalizing the export through launching Zablon Coffee that is resolved to serve the coffee enthusiasts and importers across the globe with the finest ground and roasted coffee beans.

The passions we have for the commodity, the quality we perceive, the facility we have, and the care we possess for our resources make us in anycase different besides our creed and integrity. We appear in the frontline in all that we do.

In this manner, we involved from the seedlings, tree, plantation, processing, the bean, and the outlets and beyond that to make our end clients able to enjoy the finest coffee of Ethiopia.

Our Objectives

Access to coffee beans – Zablon coffee collects the most praised coffee plantation sites and unexploited forest coffees and all regions of Ethiopia.

Guaranteed quality and sustainability – supplying the most high quality that is beyond your expectation without breakdown.

Empowering the farmers – equipping the community is our groundwork through the training and economic empowerment projects.

Happy clients are our end impression – we would like to see through std service and family-based relationship that is beyond trade.

A happy team is our backbone for every minute of a transaction – we value and work on all-around excellence and growth of entire workforces.

Facilities – make us distinguished, we followed continuous investment.

Our Ethos

Teamwork – one family, one concept -Zablon

Quality – through Expertise, Leadership and Technology

Sustainability – through Transparency, Traceability, Trustworthy

Integrity and Business Ethics – from our bottom of heart

Continuous Growth – all round growth

Corporate Citizenship – we make relationship under zablon family

Social Responsibility – we generously share empathy and enthusiasm for change.